Crete, Greece
They say that life’s a game and then they take the board away. They give you masks and costumes and an outline of the story... then leave you all to improvise their vicious cabaret.
— Alan Moore, "V for Vendetta"

I've always been fascinated by people, stories and the relationships that drive our society. More than anything, I think that's what made me get into consulting, coaching and training - I wanted to try to understand the various dynamics at play in our world of work and contribute my time in trying to help people improve it somehow. And then there was a fortuitous meeting, when I was introduced to the world of Agile and found a community working on improving our world of work through a perspective that scratched an itch I had. Since then, I have been working as an Agile coach and trainer, helping organizations of all sizes to improve and develop high performing teams.

Originally from Brazil, I now call Brussels (Belgium) home, where I live with my Italian wife and our daughter. I'm a proud Agilar tribe member and for more information about me, you can always check out my LinkedIn page or follow me on Twitter (sorry, I don't do Facebook).

This blog is intended to provide me with an avenue with which to share and explore thoughts on our world of work and how we can improve it. Hopefully, it enables me to combine two things I love to do - thinking about how we can improve the world of work and writing. And if you're wondering about the tagline for the blog ("buy the ticket, take the ride"), I wrote a post about it.

Side note: all the pictures on this site are taken by me (except for the ones where I appear, credit goes to my wife). I'm no photographer, but my wife and I love to travel, so I ended up having some nice pictures to spruce up the site. Hope you enjoy them.